Transformers Devastation
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Transformers Devastation


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Ein 3rd-Person-Actionspiel basierend auf Hasbro's kolossaler SciFi-Marke, mit schnellem Gameplay bei vollständiger Kontrolle.

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Transformers: Devastation is an original third-person action-brawler game based on Hasbro's colossal science-fiction franchise and developed by acclaimed studio PlatinumGames. Combining fast-paced gameplay and fine-tuned controls, Transformers: Devastation evolves the iconic robots in disguise in a way never before seen in a Transformers video game. As the treacherous DECEPTICONS launch a cataclysmic assault on Earth, the noble AUTOBOTS will have to muster all their strength to save their new home from destruction.





  • Over-the-top stylish action: PlatinumGames' signature fast-paced action allows instant robot to vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos for a unique and customizable combat system
  • Five playable autobots: Wreak havoc on the DECEPTICON forces as OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, SIDESWIPE, WHEELJACK and GRIMLOCK
  • Play again and again: 5 difficulty levels with overhauls in enemy composition, combined with a deep customization system, means hours of intense gameplay
  • The story: Optimus Prime and the Autobots face off against classic Decepticons when Megatron discovers a way to harness the enormous power of Plasma Energy to Cyberform Earth. Fueled by the Plasma Energy, the Decepticons are stronger and more powerful than ever. Can the Autobots stop them?





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