Heroes of the Storm Support Guide
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Heroes of the Storm Support Guide


Blizzard is revisiting the genre they accidentally created (MOBA) with their newest game, Heroes of the Storm. This might be your first MOBA, or perhaps you're an old veteran who wants to try their hand at the newest game to have five character teams and have them slug it out?

Support heroes provide the healing and hero control that makes the rest of your team's job easier. Dropping healing wards, shielding allies and buildings, stunning the enemy team into submission so your Assassins can finish the job all sound fun? So how are you planning to best provide utility to your team?

Having a guide to help you navigate the complexities of play for support heroes is right here. Whether you want to be strong on your own in a quick match game, or take your competitive play to the Diamond League, the Heroes of the Storm Support Guide can give you that help.


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