Star Trek Online Klingon Guide
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This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.


Is obtaining skill points to rank up getting to be a pain? Is it keeping you back during space battles when your powerful allies are battling it out? Klingons are a proud warrior race and you will need to live up to that by maxing out all of your skills. This Star Trek Online Klingon Guide will aid you with Klingon specific leveling strategies and step-by-step mission walkthroughs.



Highlights of the Star Trek Online Klingon Guide:


  • Reach the Admiral rank in at breathtaking speed with proven strategies
  • Find out insider PvP tips that accelerate you across all obstacles with earn tons of skill points
  • Career-specific guide suitable for every career paths
  • Obtain heaps of starfleet merit and energy credits at a shocking pace



Fast-track Ranking Guide: Depressed over the fact that reaching the Admiral rank is more challenging than expected? It is not as hard as many think, but of course you will need professional guidance to breeze through those ranks. With this Star Trek Online Klingon Guide, reaching the Admiral rank in a mere few weeks is proven possible. You should be soaring through the ranks and enjoying end-game content sooner than anyone with the aid of this guide.


PvP Tips: There are thousands of opponents out in the world of Star Trek Online for players to pick fights with. This complete Klingon-only PvP walkthrough is design to lead you from PvP-to-PvP in a time-saving manner with huge skill points to earn for every kill. Know precisely what to do for your Klingon warrior with this comprehensive Star Trek Online Klingon Guide.


Career Specific Startup Guide: Jump start your Klingon career with the proper skill point allocation and upgrades recommendations for both your ships and your avatars. The Star Trek Online Klingon guide provides you with hints for the best setups for all PvP situations that players may encounter. Gear up and receive accurate guidance for the best preparation before engaging in challenging battles.


Starfleet Merit and Energy Credits: Get a constant flow of starfleet merit from farming off weak opponents. Our experienced players know exactly where to ambush opponents in PvP situations that will give you all the necessary merits in Star Trek Online. Learn from the Star Trek Online Klingon Guide, exactly where to obtain numerous items to recycle in the replicator for valuable items that could change the flow of battle to your advantage.


Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.


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