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Is your slow progression through the ranks starting to get to you? Or are your skill points wasted in unnecessary skills that are giving you a less than satisfactory edge in combat? If you aim to earn massive skill points, equip the most refined skills and be loaded with starfleet merits and energy credits, then this Star Trek Online Guide is a must-have. Featured in the guide are strategies to help you easily breeze through the ranks, from Ensign to Admiral in no time and fill up your inventory with treasures along the way. The unofficial Star Trek Online Guide is sure to aid you in every encounter, mission and endeavor you engage in.



Highlights of the Star Trek Online Guide:


  • Discover how to speed through the ranks from Ensign to Admiral at an unbelievable rate
  • Warp from mission to mission in style with the in-depth mission walkthroughs
  • Get a full introduction to the available races and career paths to make the right selection from start
  • Learn the art of skill point allocation to make the most out of your character
  • Get a complete look into the skill tree and step-by-step techniques to max them out
  • Top recommendations for boosting your starfleet merits and energy credits



Rank Up Strategies: Are you struggling to hit that next rank, even though you easily made it to the Lieutenant rank? The Star Trek Online Strategy Guide eliminates all the common troubles that is holding you back and show you how to obtain all the skill points necessary to reach your desired rank. Discover the strategies to rank up fast. Before you know it, you would have gained specialized skills, a Galaxy-class vessel and begun enjoying the more challenging part of Star Trek Online.


Mission Walkthroughs: The Star Trek Online galaxy is a vast place to be searching for the right missions at the right time for the right purpose. Completing missions in STO involves exploration of space sectors that will rapidly devour your time if you have no idea what you are doing. This Star Trek Online Strategy Guide include walkthroughs by a veteran player to guide you though missions. With easy to read instructions and mission descriptions, the guide is invaluable to every STO player, whether you're just starting out or already have a considerable amount of experience.


Choosing Races and Careers: Choosing your favorite race from the TV series hit may become your worst gaming nightmare, if the racial benefits are not favorable. Avoid wasting your precious time with a selected career and later discover that the career is a disaster in PvP combats. Read up on the in-depth analysis of all the races and careers in this Star Trek Online Guide to select the race and career path that best suits your play-style.


Allocating Skill Points: Skill point allocation can be bothersome if you are more familiar with the idea of leveling as character progression as oppose to this skill-based system Star Trek Online makes use of. Discover the best skill combination for your character as well as the best for all your science, engineering and tactical officers. Read-up on the expert recommendations found in this Star Trek Online Guide to optimize your battle capabilities in space as well as on ground combats. Learn how investing your skill points in the least expected places can repay you with optimal battle performance in this Star Trek Online Strategy Guide.


Skill Tree Guide: Are you wasting time contemplating which skills to upgrade in order to be able to pilot the battleship you want? Or did you later discover that there was a unique skill that could have given you an extra edge in battle? The comprehensive skill tree available in this Star Trek Online Strategy Guide presents you with the best way to allocate points into your skill tree. With the best combination to perform outstandingly, never again lose fights due to mis-allocations of your skill points.


Credit-making Strategies: Do you prefer to spend credits on affordable items, or do you prefer to stash a big saving and go for the major upgrade? Spending hard earned credits can be a huge dilemma, especially if you've discovered that earning them is not that easy. This Star Trek Online Strategy Guide features walkthroughs to get the highest merit and credit yields possible as well as tips and hints for the best buys. No longer will you have to spend time mulling over what to best spend your hard earned credits on.


Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


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