Star Trek Online Federation Guide
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This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.


Is grinding in Star Trek Online taking up a indefinite amount of time? Are all your friends leaving you behind when they get promoted to Admiral rank? Release yourself from those ineffective grinding methods that gives you unsatisfactory yields and shorten the time to rank up by half. Discover the shortcut to a successful Federation Starfleet career with our in-depth Star Trek Online Federation guide.



Highlights of the Star Trek Online Federation Guide:


  • Get promoted to Admiral in a matter of days with our exclusive leveling tactics for the Federation Starfleet officer
  • Mission-to-mission walkthrough that works for all career paths
  • Avoid deathtraps that slow your ranking progression
  • Easily navigate through missions with our mission locators and pinpoint coordinates
  • Accumulate plentiful Starfleet merits and Energy credits



Speed Ranking: End the days of idling for endless hours and not knowing the next step to progress through Star Trek Online. The Star Trek Online Federation Guide takes you all the way to Admiral rank. The guide makes sure players do not miss out on any key missions that will instantly boost skill points.


Mission Walkthrough: Are some of the missions too hard for your current rank? Selecting quests with high returns may not mean much, if players can't complete them. Start with Star Trek Online Federation Guide's handpicked missions that offer the right missions for the right ranks and has the highest yield for its difficulty. Save precious time with completable missions gathered in one area.


Common Ranking Mistakes: We have analyzed the common mistakes that all veterans and newbies make when attempting speed ranking. Avoid grinds that are not worth investing time in and follow Star Trek Online Federation Guide's speed ranking paths that will let you enjoy the gameplay of Star Trek Online while reaching end-ranks at an incredibly short period of time.


Navigating Missions: The Star Trek Online Federation Guide groups all the top must-complete missions together into a leveling path that will save you time from navigating the highs and lows of deep space. No more backtracking and no more idling in place with no destination. Let our easy to follow mission-to-mission navigation free up your time from the boring learning phase to start enjoying the actual game.


Starfleet merit and Energy credits: No need to wait until you get promoted as Admiral to earn heaps of merits and credits. As you progress through the ranks, obtain more skills and new equipment. With our Star Trek Online Federation Guide, get more merit and credits than you will ever need from high return missions.


Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


This guide is scheduled to be released on February 2nd 2010. If you preorder today, we will immediately notify you when it becomes available for download.


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