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  • Archero Account with 4 x Legendary Equipment | Scrolls 900 x2 | 500K Coins | 1500 Gems

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    This product contains the following equipment:
    Rrandom LEGENDARY Weapons x2
    Rrandom LEGENDARY Armor x2

    Weapons SCROLLS x900
    Armor SCROLLS x900

    Coins 500K+
    Gems 1500+



    1. This product is an Apple user account.
    2. After you purchase this product, you will get an Apple account,with password and secret security. You can change the binding email on Apple's official website.
    3. You need log this account in your iPhone/iPad Game Center and open Archero.
    4. LEGENDRAY EQUIPMENT was based on COMMONS,Need your own synthetic equipment.
    Some GEMs in your Treasure chest,Need to collect it yourself.

    $ 48,17

Archero Account